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Hi there and welcome to my online store! I’m Tammy Jacobs, the owner of Jacobs Ladder Design and as a new business owner, I’m often asked why have you decided to do this…. Why now?... well, being born and raised in the middle class suburbs of Pittsburgh, my passion really didn’t start and I didn’t see my actual potential until years later. My early years were typical – having fun with friends, boyfriends, cool autumn nights at the football games (go Jaguars!) and warm summer nights dating, and having a ton of fun with my friends. My early design influence was as everyone that knows me, was my mom, Millicent. She was way beyond a typical mother – she dreamed of being an interior designer and that’s where it all started – in all of our homes growing up. I come from creative people naturally – my mom, Millicent was the epitome of a version of Martha Stewart and my father, Nick – his real love was the stage.  We weren’t rich by any means, but my mom always made it seem like we lived richly. Our homes were beautifully decorated, immaculately clean and full of good food and love. My visual curiosity of beautifying living spaces piqued with my first apartment – it was small on the 2nd floor – but with my mom’s attention to detail and my vision (when she wasn’t looking), I designed my first living space – and it was mine and the bug hit. Each home I had my creative juices would flow and I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT. 

So, here I am – extrovert, outgoing, creative, hardworking Wife, Mom, Glam-Ma, Sister, Teti, Cousin, Friend – My mission in life now is to be happy, to be the best of all of these.

Which takes me to the present – they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade --ok, who are we kidding – I made vodka martinis – and damn good ones!

Enjoy, peruse, shop, purchase – call me for inspiration…



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